piątek, 15 kwiecień 2016 16:02

Arkadiusz Gawecki

...Dialogue between time and the material I am working with I call Endless Experiment.

My works are the result of this experiment.

Sculpture is a challenge for me as it requires full commitment of body and mind. It is fascinating as it allows me to explore the endless possibilities of my material and let's me move about as a free man while letting me bring something unique into the present.


My sculptures born of a complex process in which forms are imagined, the necessary tools are designed and constructed and each dimension is 
mapped out — all before the final form emerges as the metal is heated to high temperatures and then shaped by hammer blows. Central here is a keen understanding and the ability to skillfully manipulate the four elements at work in this alchemical process: fire, iron , water and air.
The mythological roots of this ancient blacksmithing approach to shaping metal infuse my art with layers of meaning, and the unique juxtaposition of the traditional with the modern encourages the viewer to experience a new level of appreciation for the mystical undercurrents of this transformational process.

Photographs are the moments that I manage to stop,but who`s moment quickly and permanently fade away.


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